Old Friend

This male Northern Cardinal was banded in September 2011 at MBO and recaptured many times since then, his last visit was Tuesday. He is now at least 5 years old!!


Brown Creeper

Rain day at MBO, no banding but there were many juncos and Fox Sparrows present on-site. To wait until tomorrow, here’s a photo of the first Brown Creeper of the season, banded yesterday morning!!!


New Season

MBO is entering its 11th of operation!!

Today marked the start of the banding season in our spring migration monitoring program. Juncos dominated with 9 individuals banded out of a total of 20, but the first bird banded was this beautiful Fox Sparrow!


What you will find here

This news page will publish primarily the weekly reports from our banding operations – plus occasional other items of general interest.


More birds

A good increase in the number of White-throated Sparrows this morning, but we are still looking for the first warbler. In the meantime, Wood ducks breeding season is in full swing.


Huge numbers of Cedar Waxwings

Friday was a very special day, not only did we band the first ever Kestrel at MBO but we also banded a total of 146 birds, a record for a spring day.

Out of those, 134 were Cedar Waxwings. To put this number in perspective, the previous record of waxwings for a complete spring was 77.

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

Spring 2014

Hi all,

We had a great winter at McGill Bird Observatory. Hundreds of birds were fed all winter, including for the first time, a Tufted titmouse. Thanks to Bird Protection Quebec for the seed donation for our feeders.

Despite the last snowfall, spring is fast approaching at MBO! Spring Migration Monitoring starts on March 28 with the daily census. Banding will start on April 18 and end on June 1st. The schedule is now available on our WhenToHelp – reserve your spots soon!

We are currently updating our website and are looking for volunteers to help us translate the website from English to French. If this interests you, contact us at mbo@migrationresearch.org

Good birding,

Tufted Titmouse – Mésange bicolor

The Tufted Titmouse that was seen at the weekend was busy around the feeders yesterday morning giving plenty of opportunity for photographs.

Tufted Titmouse     (photo: RG)

Tufted Titmouse (photo: RG)