This male Northern Cardinal was banded in September 2011 at MBO and recaptured many times since […]
Rain day at MBO, no banding but there were many juncos and Fox Sparrows present on-site. […]
MBO is entering its 11th of operation!! Today marked the start of the banding season in […]
This news page will publish primarily the weekly reports from our banding operations – plus occasional […]
A good increase in the number of White-throated Sparrows this morning, but we are still looking […]
Friday was a very special day, not only did we band the first ever Kestrel at […]
Hi all, We had a great winter at McGill Bird Observatory. Hundreds of birds were fed […]
While waiting for the Tufted Titmouse, we had the visit of 0N, a female House Finch […]
The MBO team banding Snow Buntings
The Tufted Titmouse that was seen at the weekend was busy around the feeders yesterday morning […]